The National Neuropsychology Network (NNN) develops a four-site demonstration program, through which centers acquiring clinical neuropsychological (NP) data can accumulate, and aggregate the item-level data from the most widely used NP assessment instruments into the NIH National Data Archive (NDA).


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The National Neuropsychology Network (NNN) aims to transform clinical practice and seize the opportunity to leverage the evidence being collected nationwide, by coordinating clinics to contribute data to the NIMH Data Archive (NDA). The NNN aims to implement infrastructure that will facilitate data collection and contribution to the NDA with minimal disruption of clinic work-flows, and indeed using solutions that will save clinicians time and effort to achieve better results.

We aim for the NNN to expand to clinics nationwide, freely using the methods, test procedures, and software we develop. The mature NNN can serve not only as a conduit for data to be aggregated into national archives for shared analysis by the research community, but further as a testbed for the validation of novel assessment strategies.

Digit Span Coding
Logical Memory Block Design
Boston Naming Test Visual Reproduction
Wisconsin Card Sorting Test Symbol Search
Similarities Matrix Reasoning
Information Rey Complex Figure Test
Verbal Fluency Test Arithmetic
Vocabulary Color-Word Interference Test
Grooved Pegboard Test Trail Making Test
ACS-Test of Premorbid Function California Verbal Learning Test
Visual Puzzles Finger Tapping Test
Judgment of LIne Orientation MOCA
Beck Depression Inventory Verbal Paired Associates
Hopkins Verbal Learning Test Letter-Number Sequencing
Brief Vis Memory Test-Revised Facial Recognition Test
Mini-Mental State Exam WMS-III Mental Control
Test of Memory Malingering Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test
Green's Word Memory Test Design Fluency Test
EXIT25 Beck Anxiety Inventory
Picture Completion Medical Symptom Validity Test
Symbol Digit Modalities Test Design Memory
Woodcock Johnson-subtests NIH Toolbox
Emory Semantic Fluency Paradigm Columbia Auditory Naming Test

Note. QI: * test administered on Q-interactive platform.



GRANT# R01MH118514