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Early Intervention in Bipolar Disorder Project

arrow Is your child frequently irritable?
arrow Does he/she have periods of elated mood or sad moods?
arrow Does bipolar disorder run in your family?

UCLA/CHAMP is recruiting participants for a study of children (ages 9~17) AT RISK for bipolar disorder. We are collaborating with the Stanford University School of Medicine, the University of Colorado, Boulder's Department of Psychology and the Children's Hospital of Colorado. The child must be exhibiting symptoms of depression or impairing mood swings.

Kids and their family members will receive one of two forms of psychosocial therapy: family-focused therapy for high-risk youth, a 12-session treatment over 4 months; or enhanced care, a comparison therapy that is also 4 months. Psychosocial interventions have the potential to stabilize moods and reduce disability among youth who are at risk for bipolar disorder. When relevant, kids will also receive free sessions of medication management from a psychiatrist.

Eligible kids will get paid for their research participation. If they agree and are eligible, they will have a brain scan (functional magnetic resonance imaging) before and after their 4 months of therapy.

Contact Information for Principal Investigators:

UCLA: David J. Miklowitz, Ph.D. (dmiklowitz@mednet.ucla.edu; (310) 267-2659) or study coordinator Brittany Matkevich, (310) 825-2836

Stanford: Kiki Chang, M.D. (kchang88@stanford.edu; (650) 725-0956) or study coordinator Erica Sanders, (650) 725-6760

Colorado: Christopher Schneck, M.D. (christopher.schneck@ucdenver.edu; (303) 724-4984) or study coordinator Dana Elkun, (303) 492-1668


The Child and Adolescent Mood Disorders Program (CHAMP) at UCLA is a clinical and research service that provides diagnostic evaluations, second opinion consultations, and short-term treatments (medication management and various forms of psychotherapy) for youth who have symptoms of significant and impairing mood disorders and their families. The Program's focus is on pediatric bipolar disorder (extreme high and low moods).

We can help! For clinical appointments or to learn about other opportunities at CHAMP, please CALL: The Child and Adolescent Mood Disorders Program at (310) 825-2836 or visit www.semel.ucla.edu/champ.