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Thank you for your interest in the UCLA Psychology Doctoral Practicum (Pre-Internship) Programs!

We have two application cycles, an "Early Decision" and a "General Application" cycle.


Required Application Materials (in pdf format):

  • Online application (available after log in)
  • Cover Letter (indicating track(s) of interest)
  • CV
  • One letter of recommendation uploaded by the applicant or the applicant may enter the referee email for direct submission by the referee.
    * Please note - you are responsible for ensuring that your referee's submit their letters in a timely manner. You will not be able to submit without at least one letter of recommendation.
  • Second letter of recommendation (optional)
  • Letter from the Director of Clinical Training of your program attesting to your readiness for pre-internship placement.
  • Test log: list of tests that you have administered in a clinical setting (required for neuropsychology tracks only)

* While the required materials are nominally the same for each track, you may upload multiple versions and designate which files are included in which track's application package.

Early Application/Decision Cycle:

The "Early Decision" application period is open from December 1st (12 a.m.) until January 24th (11:59 p.m.).

If you are particularly interested in a specific track, you may apply to ONE (and only one) track for Early Decision. Your application will be reviewed by that track, and decisions will be made on a rolling basis. During the Early Decision period you may be invited to participate in an interview.

If you are called in to interview you may be offered the spot any time thereafter until January 31st, when General Application procedures begin. If you receive an offer, you will have three business days to accept or reject the offer (OR until January 31st, whichever is sooner).

PLEASE NOTE: for those applying Early Decision, we encourage you to apply as early as feasible; spots can fill up quickly.

General Application/Decision Process:

The General Application deadline is February 1st (11:59 p.m.). You may apply to any tracks (and you may apply to multiple tracks) during this time.

On the General Application page you will be able to upload multiple documents and designate which files you would like to be included with which track's application.

Your application will be reviewed and you will be invited to participate in individual/group interview in February (specific dates to be determined). You will be notified whether you matched with a track on March 1st, 9-9:30 a.m.

Application Process Deadline Interview Notification Track Selection


Accepting Applications 12/1/2023 - 1/24/2024
You may be called in to interview ROLLING One track only
GENERAL APPLICATION 2/1/2024 You will be invited to participate in individual/group interview in February 3/1/2024 No limit

Please note: you can apply using both Early Decision and General Application processes if you wish. You may apply for both at the same time, or submit an Early Decision application and a General Application at a later time before the 2/1/2024 deadline. In the event that you are NOT selected for Early Decision, your application to that track will be automatically transferred to the General Application pool for that track.

  • Azusa Pacific University
  • California Lutheran University
  • California School of Professional Psychology - LA, Alliant
  • Fielding Graduate Institute
  • Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Loma Linda University
  • Palo Alto U - Pacific Graduate School of Psychology
  • Pepperdine University
  • Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University
  • The Chicago School of Professional Psychology or TCSPP
  • The George Washington University
  • University of California, Los Angeles
  • University of California, Riverside
  • University of Hartford
  • University of Maine
  • University of Southern California
  • Wright Institute
  • Other



Time Commitment:

We offer three placements in terms of hours per week, including primary, secondary, and elective placements. Offerings vary by track and are indicated in the portal. The primary placement is considered standard, though it should be noted that a few tracks offer fewer than 14 hours per week as primary/standard. For these tracks, please still select Primary Track in the portal if you are seeking the standard time commitment offered. Note that, if accepted in the UCLA Psychology Practicum Training Program, there may also be opportunities mid-year to supplement your clinical training with additional clinical experiences once you are settled into your primary placement.

Primary Placement: 14-20 hours per week (2-3 days per week) for most tracks
Secondary Placement: 4-8 hours per week with "take-home" responsibilities (e.g., note writing)
Elective Placement: 4-5 hours per week with none to minimal "take-home" responsibilities

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